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14 Nude Jocks: This Month’s Arab Lineup

An enticing collection of 14 hot jocks from the Arab world, completely nude. These hunks come from different countries and walks of life, each flaunting their own unique assets.

As our cousins from North Africa and the Middle East keep sending their pics, we continue to curate a monthly collection of 100% nude portraits. They’re the regular stars of our blog!

And let’s say, this selection of hot jocks is quite the turn-on, with no less than 14 dudes flaunting their assets this month. Don’t get hooked on the order they’re presented – it’s totally random. But feel free to share your top 3 in the comments 🤩

Our jocks hail from all over, even as far as Kuwait!

The Nude Big Guns

#1 – Bachir, 32, Morocco

Bachir has a face that could melt hearts, and that dick… wow 😯 That’s a serious weapon! Any brave souls up for the challenge?

#2 – Sofiane, Marseille

Marseille represents with Sofiane, a young twenty-something jock with a sexy gaze. Underneath the pants, we appreciate his beautiful cut cock and prominent head.

#3 – Greg, 27, Toulouse

Greg, of French-Algerian descent, comes to us from the south of France.

#4 – Kaï, 24, Paris Region

That ass 😛 Yum! We’d love to take a bite out of Kaï’s booty. As an ass aficionado, I’d love to get my tongue in there!

#5 – Vekin

Bisexual footballer dwelling… somewhere in France.

#6 – Anonymous

Exhibit courtesy of an anonymous visitor.

#7 – Sammy, Morocco

Moroccan, well endowed. Sammy’s never sized up his cock, but if I had to wager, we’re looking at a solid 23/25cm, wouldn’t you agree? Either way, you’d surely feel this one.

#8 – Anonymous, Tunisia

Strapping muscular Tunisian dude.

#9 – Anonymous, Algerian

I’m always amazed by the number of Algerian blog visitors according to the stats, but so few send in their pics and videos. What a pity!

#10 – Unknown

Attractive unknown from the Middle East: there’s nothing to discard with this beefy guy!

#11 – Mustafa, Kuwait

Model hailing from Kuwait.

#12 – Apoil, 36

Another major player!

#13 – Driss, Montpellier

Driss, young dude from Montpellier with a slightly curved cock.

#14 – Anonymous, Tunisia

Young Tunisian escort looking to break into porn films in France.


  1. boucha

    23 October 2020 at 19 h 17 min

    mec recheche jh beur 17a20ans marsielle belle bouche appell amir 0758409336 amir

  2. frank mrs

    5 November 2021 at 21 h 41 min

    hi t
    you are in marseille and you are between 18 and 22 years old you look like number 5/6/14
    i would love to meet a guy like that in Marseille

  3. Jacob

    7 September 2023 at 11 h 13 min

    #11 is Omar Barakat

  4. Jacob

    7 September 2023 at 11 h 14 min

    Omar Borkan

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