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Alaïdin services an alpha male

Alaïdin, an obedient Algerian, indulges a muscular thug, worshipping his XXL cock before submitting to intense, bareback penetration, ending in a spectacular climax as he gets his ass creamed with cum.

Alaïdin, the obedient Algerian twink, is devoted to a brawny thug. He initiates with a tender body massage, dwelling leisurely on his feet. Concurrently, he tongues the thug’s briefs, indulging him like royalty.

Alaïdin then diverts his focus to the bad boy’s XXL cock, a massive, thick piece measuring 23cm. The Arab pleaser doesn’t part from the shaft, putting in the effort to deep-throat the meat, as languid as ever. His hand keeps it well-stroked, maintaining the rock-hard state.

The dominant thug then takes charge, fucking Alaïdin from behind. The Arab bottom had never experienced such a sizable rod in his rear. The intense penetration makes the Arab tense up, but as his elastic hole expands, he begins to revel in the fucking. With boisterous thrusts, the top thug barebacks the North African in a resounding romp.

To cap off this raw ride, Alaïdin gets his ass creamed with cum. The thug’s massive balls were loaded and he floods the Arab’s hole in a spectacular finish.

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