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Bastard in the service of an inner-city scum

Malik, a city thug, enjoys dominating his neighbourhood bitches. He connects with Dereck, known for his oral talents. Meeting in an abandoned car park, Dereck services Malik’s cock and receives a raw pounding. Malik’s unrelenting pace and Dereck’s squeals showcase a fiery, raw encounter that both satisfy Malik’s cravings.

Malik enjoys ruling over the bitches in his turf. He’s got a roster of dedicated lads all set to do him a favor… or at least take care of his dick!

Today, Malik hit up Dereck, aware of his sick oral talents. His tight ass is just as enjoyable to drill.

The two dudes rendezvous in an abandoned car park, hidden from view, ready for their naughty venture. Malik is chilling on a chain, puffing a joint when Dereck rolls up. The thug doesn’t need to utter a word, Dereck knows exactly what’s expected: he strips and gets down to service the thug’s dick. The thug stands up, uses Dereck’s mouth, lands a few slaps, then makes him lick his feet to assert dominance over his submissive. But that’s just the beginning, as after this oral foreplay, Malik takes Dereck’s bottom for a ride.

He nails him on the floor, doggy style, and also against the wall. He bangs him rough. The bottom squeals like there’s no tomorrow, but there’s no stopping Malik, who keeps going at an unrelenting pace. This intense, raw fuck is exactly what Malik was craving. The stud wanted a tight hole and a submissive bitch, and he got just that!

A super steamy shot by Citebeur featuring two hot and hard dudes.

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