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Malik drills Yoann

A blond man encounters a muscular Arab in an apartment basement. Overwhelmed by the imposing figure, he drops to his knees, ready for an intimate exchange. After a passionate interlude, both reach climax, with Malik reserving his release for the blond’s torso.

A blond lad has planned a rendezvous with a handsome Arab ruffian, a titan of a man, a mountain of muscle, in the basement of an apartment complex. Upon seeing the robust figure in his tracksuit approach, the blond instantly drops to his knees. His mouth open, ready to be filled by the bad boy’s ample member.

The latter thrusts deep into his throat with powerful strokes, almost releasing his load in his face. However, he manages to restrain himself, all the better to have his way with him later.

Leaning against the wall, the young lad takes it as best as he can, but with 90kg of muscle to contend with, it was no easy task to maintain his stance. He is thoroughly ravaged, letting out high-pitched moans before surrendering to his climax.

This spectacle drives Malik to his peak, and he too climaxes, though he reserves his release for the blond’s smooth torso.


  1. gasteuilyves

    12 January 2016 at 18 h 28 min

    I want to be their bitch. I want to suck and be sodomized.

  2. gasteuilyves

    15 January 2016 at 14 h 35 min

    I love to suck and be fucked. I’m submissive and passive. Contact me at 0635210551.

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