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Maghreb & Middle East

North African guys are stacked, check it out!

A stylish collection of well-dressed Arab and North African men inspired by a Twitter user’s claim that they are the best-dressed guys worldwide. Expect a variety of styles, but no nudes.

Kiffarab sparked the idea for this gallery when he dropped me a message on my Twitter account declaring his belief that Arabs and North Africans are the best-dressed dudes on the planet. So, here’s to that! I aim to back up his claim with these carefully chosen pics of guys from the ‘hood that I reckon are slick in their getup. Of course, there are different styles, from the lean to the ripped, smooth or stubbly… It’s your call to decide what your kind of guy generally looks like (Arab or not).

If you’re here hoping to see some dudes in their birthday suits, sorry, maybe next time!

Just hot shirtless Arabs for today, man!

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  1. Wesh-gims

    30 May 2019 at 16 h 35 min

    Les rebeu adds my snap I suck deep throat I swallow everything to the max

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