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Suck-n-go on a construction site

Tommy’s a boss at being a good bottom, always logged on BeurOnline. Today, a fresh profile logs on right next door.

It’s a straight dude working on the construction site next door. After a tough work day, the dude’s fed up, and instead of heading back to his wife, he’d rather have his nuts drained by a well-skilled thug.

Dzfuck’s a fine-ass Tunisian Arab packing all the right gear: a long, thick dick and, more importantly, a pair of heavy nuts. His full sack’s just begging to be drained, and Tommy’s just the dude for the job.

Once all the workers bounce, Dzfuck links up with Tommy. Like a good, obedient bottom, the young dude drops to his knees quick, ready to take the straight Tunisian’s massive meat in his mouth.

He goes ham on it, giving it his all. He sucks the head, polishes the balls, and gobbles the whole piece like a dick-starved freak. Dzfuck grabs his head and guides it down, ramming his cock deep inside, giving him a solid lesson in deep throating.

To finish things off with a bang, the cock-sucker’s earned his treat. The Tunisian Arab blesses him with a massive nut, which the young dude happily gulps down.