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Yoann raped in his home by two hooded thugs

A rape scenario that’s as brutal as it is sexy, with jock Yo getting manhandled by two Arab lascars in his own home. Check out Citearab’s ultra-hot video of extreme perversion. Sensitive souls please refrain from clicking here!

Yoann is at home when a knock comes at the door. When he opened the door, he barely had time to react before two thick-set thugs pounced on him. Yoann was dragged into his living room and knocked to the floor by the two hooded lascars. His clothes are torn and he can’t defend himself because the guys are so strong.

It’s Walid and Yanis, two booty calls he knows, who have agreed to carry out this ultra-hot scenario. The two guys know that Yoann has been fantasising about a rape for a long time.

Manhandled, his clothes half torn, the young Parisian jock had his mouth filled by Anis’s thick cock. He felt the 23cm club scrape his throat as he was pinned to the ground by Walid’s feet. Resigned, Yoann has no choice but to give in to the desires of his rapists. He swallows the club of one of them while the other begins to feel his buttocks through his tattered pants.

After that, he was fucked mercilessly and thoroughly. The two guys take turns filling his arse with their big circumcised cocks. The humiliation is at its height when his mouth is filled at the same time as he is sodomised. All his orifices are filled, and his arse, which serves as a cock garage, is gaping.

The bastard ends up asking for more and more, until the two guys end up cumming in his face and on his buttocks. A double dose of cum that sends the submissive into a trance.

This violent scenar shot is a real turn-on. Citearab has now produced the hottest video ever shot, and it’s gone straight into the top 5 of the site’s most downloaded videos.
Yoann’s stamina is as rare as ever, and he’s able to take both of the Arab lascars’ shots without a second thought. The two males show their strength and manhandle the young bottom with rare dexterity. You can download the full video, in HD, from the Citebeur VOD site.

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