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Young Arab bottom fucked by a bad boy

This young, skinny Arab is bottom and is being fucked by a gangster from his housing estate in the cellar of the building. He likes to have his ass burst by the scum, it’s so good he’ll cum without realising it.

Ibrahim is a young, slightly effeminate Moroccan Arab. The boys on his block know he’s gay and call on him when they’ve got their balls full. The young guy is always ready to shine some cock and, above all, to get fucked.

Today it’s Kevin, a 27-year-old guy who has contacted him for a discreet plan in the basement. The two guys meet up and Ibrahim, the young Muslim, knows what he has to do. He wastes no time and gets down on his knees to pump the bad boy’s dart. After a few minutes of pumping, he gets into position to have his anus burst by the lascars with full balls.

After filing it down nicely, the straight lascar empties his balls onto his little round buttocks.

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