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Anthony gets his ass pounded by a TN tracksuit-wearing thug

Anthony finds himself at the mercy of an Arab thug at a gay club, notorious for its clientele’s TN tracksuit fetish. Expecting an easy encounter, Anthony is instead dominated, made to sniff the thug’s trainers and socks, before being taken roughly in a sling. The Arab man’s large member brings him to a state of complete submission.

Anthony is hauled into the backroom by an Arab thug. This gay cruising club is quite the fetish spot, as it’s mainly frequented by TN tracksuit enthusiasts.

He thought it was going to be an easy hook-up, but he was mistaken, because this thug plans to give him a tough time, showing him who’s the boss. He’s already got him sniffing his smelly trainers and socks. Submissive as anything, Anthony gives in and then the thug deep throats him, already on his way to making him his plaything. The huge cock goes deep into his throat, leaving the young lad drooling like mad.

Then, he’s hauled into a sling, where he has no choice but to lift his legs and let the Arab master take him. His large 21cm cock rips through his anus, each thrust even deeper and more painful than the last. He’s not himself anymore, he’s completely submissive to a lustful Arab.

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