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Cruising in the Basements with Medhi: 26 cm!

Medhi is a gay lascars of Algerian origin who makes the happiness of the lopsas of his district. The guy has a huge 26cm cock under his jacket. It’s a weapon of mass destruction that can wreak havoc on any bottoms that dare to take it.

Some guys are more daring than others. And even if when he undresses, quite a few guys give up at the sight of his huge cock, that’s not the case with his hookup of the day. Thibault is a guy who’s rolled out the cable. He’s already taken huge cock up the arse, and Medhi’s doesn’t scare him.

And it’s in the unfrequented cellars of a building in the 93 district that the two guys meet up for a cruising session. They waste no time in avoiding the risk of being caught red-handed. Naturally good at pumping, it’s Thibault who goes first: he greedily pumps his sidekick’s unstiffened penis, and it doesn’t take long for it to swell visibly!

Thibault worships his buddy’s huge club, cleaning his balls right down to the glans. For his part, Medhi takes the opportunity to shove his penis down the throat of the submissive, who almost chokes. And since our lascars doesn’t like to suck, his foreplay lasts a while before he decides to go straight to the sodo.

The fateful moment has finally arrived! Thibault swallows every inch of Medhi’s big cock. As he’d expected, it’s quite painful at first, but gradually his arse expands enough to want more. And our greedy bottom is in for one hell of a thrashing, as he’s not afraid of anything. Medhi hadn’t fucked in a long time and lets loose, pulverising her arse with his big, well-strung cock. He’s moaning with pleasure and the intensity of this sodo shines through: it’s so hot.

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