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Arab model: Hakim

Moroccan cover boy to be discovered naked and “in shape”. Some of you will probably recognise these photos as they were published in several gay magazines in the early 2000s!

A new vintage trend that will please the most nostalgic among us!

We’ve rediscovered the photos of Hakim, a Moroccan model who was a big hit in gay magazines in the late 90s/early 2000s. In fact, that’s where this erotic gay photoshoot was published, featuring this charming Arab in full nudity. Maybe some of you will remember him!

Nude photos of Hakim


  1. bernard

    20 March 2021 at 19 h 22 min

    it must have wreaked havoc

  2. Christophe

    7 May 2021 at 19 h 50 min

    Receive now rebeu domi
    On Corbeil Essonnes
    I lick feet tap dance ass zeb good bitch

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