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Bulges of arab lads

Stunning bulges from the housing estates areas: large endowments, arousals beneath the tracksuits… Explore these utterly tantalizing images!

We all likely enjoy spotting noticeable bulges in the subway or around the city. Especially when they’re encased in tight tracksuits that leave little to the imagination, somewhat akin to the djellabas that struggle to conceal unexpected arousals in rural areas.

Recognizing that we share these tendencies, I decided to pay tribute to this form of appreciation. Hence, I’ve compiled a selection of photographs showcasing the impressive bulges of Arab men from the housing estates and the countryside. Some are ostentatious, others more subtle… and included are images of conspicuous erections beneath their garments. Enjoy browsing!

Ever caught a friend going commando and/or developing an erection under his trousers? Feel free to share your experiences!

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    18 November 2019 at 10 h 01 min

    these guys are superb. How can I resist? They make me drool

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