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Hung Arab Stud Pounds a Tight Ass 💪🍑💦😈

Chris LLesca arrives in Marseille, getting an unforgettable drilling from popular Citebeur model, Caillera XXL. Amidst virile dominance, expert deep-throats, and relentless pounding, Chris satisfies his new boss’s every desire.

“Love it, you little slut?” — Well-hung Arab stud with 22cm cock drills a suburban bad boy

As Chris LLesca rolls into Marseille, we seize the golden opportunity to introduce him to the raw delights of an encounter with Caillera XXL, one of the most popular studs from Citebeur.

Chris gets a rude introduction to Caillera XXL’s mouthwatering mastery in the dank depths of a Parisian car park. This straight, dominant, uber-masculine Arab routinely indulges his pleasure by using willing gay men as his personal playthings, forcing them to indulge their oral fantasies on his sizeable Arab member for hours. Naturally domineering and possessing a potent sexual drive, he whips out his meaty member without a moment’s hesitation and instructs his sex slave to shine his monster cock until it glistens.

Eager to please and with a submissive grace, Chris LLesca immediately hits his knees and sets to work on that majestic 22cm cut rod. This gorgeous boy is a virtuoso in the sensual art of deep-throating, pulling out all stops to satiate the carnal cravings of the new top-dog, who is deeply aroused by the intoxicating scent of this alpha male’s virility.

Although Chris has had his fair share of thick cocks plundering his depths, there seems to be something particularly gratifying about Caillera XXL’s monster cock. The lustful stud drills Chris’s arse with a wicked fervor in a breathtaking array of positions. As he cries out, “Take that, you slut, take it all!”, his 22cm tower of power relentlessly pounds the young Frenchman’s puckered hole, driving him to new heights of pleasure.

This is classic gay sex Citebeur style – a raw and primal encounter between a domineering North African stud and a seasoned bottom. This time around, the experienced bottom boy throws caution to the wind and gives his all to appease his new boss’s lustful desires.

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