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Masculine Bottom Offers His Muscular, Hairy Ass

Two masculine guys enjoy an intense session; a hairy, muscular bottom offers his ass to his online hookup in a basement. The resulting action is a wild, no-holds-barred pounding.

Two masculine dudes in the mix. The one offering his ass is hairy and buff, the kind of guy you’d stereotypically pin as straight on the street. But lo and behold, he’s a total bottom, and his ass is a docking station for cock.

He’s arranged to meet up with a guy he connected with online in a basement, and without wasting a second, he gets on all fours, grabs his new mate’s cock, and wraps his inviting lips around it. He devours the dick, engulfing it completely, not forgetting to lick and savor the balls. The guy getting his cock worked is in a trance, the magic happening with that mouth is insane!

He decides to escalate things and throws the hairy bottom on the ground. With his leg hoisted, he slides his manhood in. His ass welcomes the dick all at once. It glides in as smooth as butter, and when he starts to drill it, he can let loose, hammering it like a beast, showing no restraint.

Take a look at the full video of the high-energy session, I have to admit, it really revved me up, and I think I’m going to revisit it because I can’t get enough of it.


  1. sonia

    25 February 2016 at 14 h 13 min

    Very exciting in a cellar!

  2. gasteuiyves

    7 March 2016 at 18 h 22 min

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  3. Beur

    29 March 2016 at 0 h 16 min

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