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Ravaged by an Arab Libertine!

One day, I decide to post an ad on a libertine dating site to try to find some black or Arab straight guys. Here’s the type of ad I had posted: Young amateur crossdresser seeks well-endowed Arab or black man to be his submissive bitch, high heels, stockings and thong for straight guys only, I host even late, discretion assured.

I received several responses including an Arab with whom I had an incredible hookup that I’ll tell you about right away.

I receive a text from my Arab man who I’d already been with several times, telling me he wants to fuck me like a bitch. So, I invite him to my workplace (I work in a nightclub) for 2 a.m. and he pings me as soon as he arrives. He asks me to receive him with my dildo in my ass, ready to serve as a hole.

So, he comes into the bar and I immediately sit on a giant dildo of 23 cm and very thick, but I must say that I train on it because my Arab has about the same size cock. He takes out his big cock from his tracksuit and puts a condom on it and asks me to immediately turn doggy-style to hammer my ass. He thrusts it in at once and begins a long in and out on my hole. He is very hot and asks me to turn on the light but as he’s fucking me and doesn’t want to take his cock out of my hole, I tell him that I need to get up to turn on the light.

So, he asks me to give him my phone so he can watch my asshole while he’s pounding me. He tells me that it excites him to see his big Arab dick going in and out of my anus. He even takes out his cock to see my hole widened after the passage of his stud dick. He continues to pound me for a few more minutes and then asks me to suck him.

I start sucking him like a slut as I hadn’t tasted it yet. I grasp his sneakers to really play the part of a whore and there he hammers my face with his Arab cock. He’s hammering me so deeply that I start to gag, and he asks me again to offer my buttocks to show him my crack. I get back into doggy style ready to receive his beautiful tool and there he breeds my pussy without me being able to talk because he asked me to get fucked in silence. As soon as I speak, he tells me to shut up and get fucked without saying a word.

He continues to pound me for a good 20 minutes more and this time asks me to suck him lying down on the benches. He asks me to suck his big cock but gently, so I find myself sucking his big Arab dick and the faster I go the more he asks me to slow down. I devour his cock for a good ten minutes and then, surprise!

He asks me to follow him to the urinals in the bar and also asks me to use a cloth to blindfold my eyes.

Once blindfolded, he offers his ass, ordering me to lick it. I lick his ass with my greedy and skilled tongue and there he seems to be enjoying it. I tickle his anus with my tongue, trying to insert it into his hole, I hear him moan with every touch of my tongue on his hole and he asks me to open my mouth wide and there he turns to me and says, “<em>I’m going to cum, my slut, you’re going to take all my Arab juice</em>” and there he shoots all his cum on my tongue and there’s so much that I can feel his cum running down my face.

I swallowed as much as I could and even scraped my face to recover the rest of his seed. I hadn’t cum yet so I continued to jerk off but it didn’t come and meanwhile my Arab man was getting dressed and starting to leave, I walked him to the door and then I returned to the toilets to jerk off in order to finish myself off as they say.

I jerk off while taking poppers and then I see that there are still drops of cum on the tiles and there I start licking the floor to recover his precious Arab seed while cumming.

I can’t wait to see him again even if every time I see him I have a sore ass for two days. Thanks to you, Nadim!

<em>Joêl from Corsica</em>

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