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The day I fucked a young Arab I met in a bar

After a tipsy night at a bar, Ludo has an intense sexual encounter with a young Arab man in the courtyard, making it a secret to remember for years.

What you’re about to hear went down ’bout fifteen years ago, around 2006, in some dive bar in a random town.

This spot ain’t nothing special. I got dragged there ’cause a homie knew the owner and it was just a chill way to spend our Friday night.

At our little corner table, we were tossing back beers, away from the counter. Next to us, four “black, white, beur” dudes: a black guy, a white dude, and two wickedly good-looking Arab dudes.

Our crew – we’re all gay, low-key though. We’re chatting about anything but our love lives – just don’t want to make waves, you know?

As the night wore on, our drinks flowed. The bar thinned out until just our two tables remained. The smoke was getting to me and my head was spinning from all the drinks.

I stumbled out to the bar’s garden – huge, looming trees all around. The cool night air cleared my head a bit. Suddenly, I felt a presence. Turned around and saw one of the Arab dudes from the next table. Young, maybe the youngest of the four.

– Sorry, did I scare you?
– Nah, you just surprised me, man, I replied, smiling.

Dude was a dead ringer, face and body…

He smiled back, his face lighting up even more. Fine features, deep dark eyes, and a grin so wide I could see the whites of his teeth.

Out of the blue, he asked, – you and your crew are gay, ain’t ya?
My heart dropped. I hesitated before blurting out, – look, man, we’re just here to chill. No trouble, alright?
He stayed calm, – no trouble here, just asking.
– Either way, it’s none of your business… I fired back.
Suddenly, he grabbed my arm, pulling me to a more shadowy spot. I froze, a million thoughts raced through my head. He must have sensed it, ’cause he said in a soft voice, – don’t be scared, I wanna show you something.
– What are you tryna do here? I asked.
– I just need a bit of cover if you’re gonna blow me.
– Erm… I don’t suck! I stammered, a bit taken aback.
– oK, well if you won’t, I will! He said, surprising me.

Then, right there, he dropped to his knees, opened my jeans, and pulled them down. He took out my dick and started going to town.

Believe me, it’s not this young Arab dude’s first rodeo. He was working his magic like a pro, not a tooth in sight. His soft lips, the suction…it was unreal. I was on cloud nine when he looked up at me and whispered, – you’ve got a great dick!
That was music to my ears! I felt so goddamn proud as he went back to work, his pace quickening. I was trying to stay quiet, not wanting to draw attention to our little adventure.

Suddenly, he got up and said, – wanna fuck me?

Hell, you don’t have to ask me twice… There’s just something about fucking an Arab bottom that I really dig: the firm asses, the tight holes… I couldn’t wait to dive in.

Before I knew it, we were going at it. He was so into it, whispering dirty things to me that just drove me wild. I could see he “Listen up for the rest of it…

Just a little bit further along, I see him kneel down in front of me, undo my jeans, pull them down, then get to work on my boxers: he massages my package then tugs my boxers down…

He pulls out my dick and gobbles it up: in disbelief, I let him do it, I soon start feeling the arousal building up inside me and my dick is getting bigger by the minute.

He looked just like him, face and body…

Believe me, this is not this young Arab’s first rodeo. He was slurping all over me, nursing my glans. I didn’t feel his teeth once. On top of that, his wide mouth and plush lips… what a thrill! For a moment, I had my eyes closed, probably in ecstasy, but when I opened them again I met his gaze and he whispered to me:
– You’ve got a nice piece!
That’s exactly the kind of thing that brings a smile to your face! I was as proud as a peacock as he sucked me off harder. I tried to suppress my pleasure groans to keep a low profile given the circumstances, especially as I started to think my absence might be noticed…

I think it lasted more than 5 minutes, maybe not even more than 3 … when he stood up and said:
– Wanna fuck my ass?

You don’t have to ask me twice… I don’t often top Arab bottoms, but when I do, I really enjoy it: one had a large firm ass and the other a tight hole… I can’t wait to get a taste of that ass!

I start licking my fingers, getting ready to lubricate his round hole with my saliva. He pulls down his jeans, he’s bare underneath, I can see he’s hard, but his dick isn’t very big. That’s unusual for an Arab, they’re usually well hung… oh well!

He leans against a tree and sticks out his ass. He’s got a cute little butt and a nice arch. It has to be said the guy isn’t chunky and doesn’t have an ounce of fat. I get behind him, lube up his ass with my wet fingers and then start rubbing my dick against his hole.
I push gently, but he pushes back suddenly and I find myself fully inside him. This boy is hot to trot, and he asks me to pound him and give his ass a good seeing-to. His crude words get me going and I don’t hold back. I thrust into him fervently and he keeps encouraging me, using even cruder words. I can see he’s jerking off hard. We both get super steamy, this fuck is with a fervor and intensity I’ve rarely experienced before.

Then, in a heated voice, he says to me:
– I’m gonna cum!
– Go ahead!
With one last brutal thrust, I shoot my load into his burning ass, muffling the roar of a horny beast. My cum gushes out with force into the tip of the condom, while he, groaning, shoots his load which stains the foot of the tree. We pause for a moment, just to come back down to earth. Then he wipes his ass and I clean up my dick with whatever we can find (leaves) and we get dressed again.

Before going back into the bar, he asks me to wait a bit after him and not to say anything to anyone. I give him a big smile and promise to keep quiet. He went back into the bar, I waited a few minutes and then joined my friends, who hadn’t noticed a thing.
Today, I’ve broken my promise.


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