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Night of Indulgence: An Erotic Tale of a Bisexual Arab

I’m Rabia a gay arab from Nîmes, I’m 22, I’m bi and bottom and I often hang out in the gay sex club in Nîmes. I am of Tunisian origin and rather handsome without boasting. My problem is that I attract bottoms because I’m rather well hung with my 20 cm cock.

Good or bad? Let me introduce myself: I’m Rabia, a bisexual, bottom, gay Arab from Nîmes. At 22 years old, I often find myself frequenting the gay sex club in town. Boasting Tunisian roots and a bit of good looks, my issue seems to be attracting other bottoms due to my generously endowed 20 cm feature.

One particular evening, I visited a sex club located in the heart of Nîmes. I perused the assortment of both gay and straight video rooms, assessing the offerings of the night. It was a quiet night with fewer patrons than usual. Hence, I decided to settle on the benches and indulge in a sex film showcasing black men engaging a Frenchman. The film was alluring, causing an immediate arousal. The thought of being in the place of the submissive male in the film was enticing.

Not long after my arrival, an attractive black man sauntered in. He chose to sit in the straight projection rooms – a common occurrence as it seems many straight men frequent these clubs seeking pleasure from gay men.

Feeling adventurous, I followed him to the straight room, passing by him multiple times, hinting at my interest in his manhood. Adjacent to his seat was a booth, broadcasting a film on a TV. I nonchalantly made my way into the booth, sinking to my knees in a suggestive manner, conveying my eagerness to please him. To heighten my senses, I took a hit of poppers and flirtatiously stuck out my tongue, signaling my anticipation to satisfy him.

The sight of him fondling his member through his tracksuit aroused me even further, especially when he began to pleasure himself, eyeing me provocatively. I could not resist his allure any longer. Seeing his large, black manhood in full display made me beckon him over. Others seemed to have the same idea, lusting over his impressive size. However, he didn’t seem interested in them, frequently casting glances my way.

Eventually, he yielded to the tension, joining me in my cabin, proudly brandishing his member. Secluding us from the rest, he closed the cabin door, handing me his manhood to attend to. He guided my movements, taking pleasure in my ministrations. Before I knew it, he had released his load, deep down my throat, denying me the time to pleasure myself. The sensation of his warm release hitting the back of my throat was overpowering.

Even though he had denied me the pleasure of tasting him fully, the experience left me wanting more. Swiftly, he tucked his member back into his tracksuit and departed, leaving me on my knees. My thirst unquenched from the thrilling encounter, I left the door ajar, welcoming others in for similar encounters. That night, I catered to five more, each leaving their mark on me.

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