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Straight Fitness Influencer Strips on OnlyFans – Fit’Arad

Straight fitness influencer Fit’Arad, a Turkish/Kurdish teen residing in Germany, turns ‘gay for pay’ on OnlyFans, offering risqué photos and videos to his large following of admirers.

OnlyFans has become a hotspot for fit studs! You’ll find influencers of all kinds, boasting bodies that rival models and porn stars.

Consider Fit&Arad! This dude’s Turkish/Kurdish and resides in Germany. He’s just 19 and initially wanted to get into online sports coaching, but quickly changed his mind once he saw the potential in OnlyFans! Even though he’s straight, he noticed tons of guys were drooling over his dreamy physique. That’s when he decided to dip his toes into the industry, turning ‘gay for pay’.

Boasting over 200,000 followers on his Twitter and Snapchat, the young Arab promotes his nude videos: he has a handful of them, available on his OnlyFans account. The rest are just risqué pics.

Scarce Videos on Onlyfans

That’s a frequent gripe about OnlyFans. Many influencers promise loads of XXX personal videos, but you often end up finding a dozen or so buried beneath heaps of selfies. Could it be that OnlyFans is overhyped?

Masturbation & Cumming Video

Exceptionally, I’ve discovered a video of this handsome hunk jerking off and cumming… The video isn’t hosted on this blog, and visiting the hosting site may trigger a barrage of pop-ups, apologies for that!

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Do you follow any guys on OnlyFans? Feel free to share your experience in the comments!

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