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Kareem and Alex: Double facial climax on a scenic hike

On a heated nature hike near Montpellier, Alex Carrera and Kareem get adventurous, engaging in mutual pleasure, fervent ass rimming, intense doggy style, culminating in a scorching double facial climax.

Alex Carrera and Kareem (the inked dude in the cap) are enjoying a hike in nature near Montpellier. The heat quickly cranks up their libido, causing the duo to pause for a break. The cool shade lures them to stay, and the sweltering sun seems to awaken their desire as they begin to gravitate towards each other.

Kareem, as hot as a summer’s day, wraps Alex in a snug embrace, stroking his lean body. Their arousal is impossible to conceal, especially their simultaneous hard-ons. They strip down to their boxers, continuing to kiss and caress each other. Once naked, Kareem discovers that Alex Carrera is sporting a jockstrap, the sight of which sends him straight to rimming Alex’s ass. His tongue slips between Alex’s cheeks, tantalizing his hole. But Kareem’s arousal is so intense that his cock demands attention, which he can rely on Alex’s oral skills for, who eagerly services him.

Now, it’s Kareem’s turn, the Algerian-born stud, to receive a rim job. An arousing surprise for a true top like him. Naturally, things don’t stop there as Alex’s ass catches the attention of Kareem. He swiftly thrusts his dick into Alex’s hole, opting for the doggy style position he favors.

The young bottom is ridden hard and fast, and after a few moments, Kareem pulls out of his ass to splurge all over his face. Hot streams of cum splatter on the twink’s hair and dribble into his mouth, and, aroused beyond belief, Alex in turn shoots his load at Kareem, aiming for his mouth.

This double facial climax in the middle of nowhere is so exhilarating that I dare you not to get turned on while watching this Menoboy video.

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