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I’m a cumdump for my arab best mate !

As I do every evening after dinner, I meet up with my buddy to have a smoke at the top of a building in La Source near Orléans. I’m Chris LLesca, a gay guy, but I’m very discreet because being gay is frowned upon in my neighbourhood. What’s more, I’m bottom, so I arrive at the building and my straight Arab friend is already well stoned on pot.

My mate suspects that I’m a bit bi because he doesn’t often see me with chicks and that night they’d already had a lot to drink and he started to tease me. My best mate is Tunisian and he’s 22 years old, with the look of a young lad from a housing estate, and he makes me love him (silently).

My mate offers me a good drink and we decide to go to the stairwell to have a good race.

Jawad pulls out his cock, which I see, to piss along the wall

His sepi runs down the wall and I can’t help but stare at his big Arab boner. He notices and says to me

“You wouldn’t happen to be a dep, would you? Because you’re looking at my cock, cousin!

I react badly and tell him

i reacted badly, telling him “you’re a big cunt man! I’m not a fag”.

He shows me the big lump between his legs and (jokingly) asks me to pump him

With the alcohol kicking in I find myself sitting on the floor with my straight buddy in front of me with the zouby in his hand!

“What are you doing man, I’m not a fag I tell you”

he starts palming himself in front of me and I feel my dick harden through my guard.

“I know you’re pumping zboub and you’re going to purge my cock couzin and it will go well.

He forces me to suck his mega cock through the nylon of his tracksuit and forces me to get on my knees to pump his arab cock.

“Hey man, if I pump you, can we keep it between us?

I’d already seen his cock because we’d already shot a chick in a cellar at the spring so I knew he was ridden like an Arab stallion.

I start pumping Jawad

He shoves his big lump down my throat to make me salivate with desire, I find it hard to push it all the way in because this big 23 cm pole is very, very thick. I spend my mouth filing down my throat and he puts himself in front of my mouth to unload his thick yop. He calls me a whore as he throws himself on my face, holding my head so that I swallow his precious semen.

I stand up to smoke a cbitch and he leaves me alone and then I can’t hold back any longer, I’m drinking myself into a stupor, licking up the rest of the cum that’s fallen on the floor.

I start to cum with good Arab sperm in my mouth.
I go home and wait to see him again..

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  1. Ricsx66

    12 May 2023 at 14 h 56 min

    I knew that sodomy park rebeux in the building where lived a friend I had ended nubd in a cellar and the three cousins have defoncescle ass, to see this video has refait me bandervet I had the impression to see me a real pleasure this story

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