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Submissive redhead services an Algerian alpha male

Charming Algerian stud CashTeub delivers a steamy performance in a hook-up with a submissive redhead. Known for his balance of intensity and gentleness, he’s celebrated as one of Citebeur’s best.

CashTeub is a charming Algerian hunk, both in mind and body. Between work and sports, he enjoys flings with both girls and guys.

The cameras of Citebeur followed the handsome dude as he headed to a bottom’s place. It’s his first meeting after a quick chat and already he’s very comfortable. He devours his date’s mouth while undressing him and kneading his buttocks. Because yes, CashTeub loves asses. The round, firm asses, and even more if they’re tight for his dick.

After sexual foreplay based on blowjobs and slapping, the dominant arab thrusts his head between the redhead’s buttocks. He eats out the bottom’s ass and teases the hole with his tongue. The rimming has its effect on the bottom who arches even more while biting his lips in pleasure.

Once the hole is nicely lubed, he can slide his thick cock in to start drilling the bottom. He gradually speeds up the rhythm while firmly gripping the bottom’s ass to feel his dick deep inside him. His cock hits right at the bottom, directly on the prostate, which gets the redhead excited. CashTeub sweats so much he gives it all he has and in the room, you can hear his big balls slap with each thrust.

Good fuckers aren’t lacking on Citebeur, we could mention Tahar for example. But what makes CashTeub stand out is that he’s both intense in his fucking but also gentle with his partners. They squeal in pleasure, but never in pain. This is probably what makes CashTeub one of the best fuckers on Citebeur. And there’s no doubt we’d all love to cross paths with him one day!

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