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A big cock to satisfy Toufik’s needs

Toufik is a young North African Tunisian who loves getting a good hard cock. After spending an afternoon on the beach, he meets a jock and tells him he’d love to be fucked by his big cock. That’s all it takes for him to take off his tracksuit and pull out his big cock. Toufik starts by giving him a good polish and then gets into an arched position to receive the big cock right up his arse.

Toufik is a sexy Tunisian, the kind of docile little guy who likes to be fucked like a whore. And our top stud has a field day ploughing his arse like a jackhammer. The young Tunisian is having the time of his life, and there’s a good chance he’ll long remember his afternoon on the beach, when he got his ass fucked in a shack.

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